Giving Feedback to the Coachee

The key to delivering effective coaching feedback is that it is observational and non-judgmental. You must provide clear, specific feedback about the coachee's actions and their consequences, so that the coachee can evaluate their own performance.


If you do need to give negative feedback then remember the following guidelines:

Make sure you've already given some positive feedback
People will accept negative feedback far more easily if you have already said something positive about their behavior. This is because having accepted the positive statement their innate sense of fairness encourages them to give equal weighting to the negative one. If you give the negative feedback first they may reject it along with any subsequent positive comments.

Deliver feedback on specific behavior
Do not criticize the coachee: make the comment specific to the behavior they exhibited and the situation in which it occurred. You could ask if they were aware of how others reacted to their behavior.

Focus on the future
You can only give feedback on past events but try to keep the focus on finding new options for the future.

Avoid blame
Faced with blame, all the coachee can do is defend him or herself.


By focusing on the behavior and how the situation could be handled differently in the future you can keep the atmosphere of the meeting positive and avoid any resentment of the coaching process from taking root.

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Key Points

  • All feedback must be based on observed behavior and be non-judgmental.
  • Try to keep the focus of your feedback on finding new options for the future.
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