Example Competency Framework

For example, consider the behaviors associated with being customer focused. A competency table at the supervisory level could look something like this:

Example Competency Framework

Behaviors of Supervisory Roles

1. Manages the implementation of customer feedback strategies.
2. Is responsible for keeping the customer informed and up-to-date on the service.
3. Strives to understand the real needs of the customer.
4. Helps to clarify and balance customer requirements with their expectations.
5. Responds to both internal and external customers within agreed timescales.
6. Provides input into developing customer service strategies.
7. Monitors service to ensure customer needs are being met and takes appropriate measures if necessary.

As you can see, the required behaviors at this level are focused on the operational tasks that this role is responsible for. For example, a supervisor is required to monitor service levels to ensure that customer needs are being met and also to take appropriate measures if they are not. These appropriate measures would include things like making sure that there are always enough support staff available and that they have all received up-to-date training.

If you compare this with the same competency at management level, you can see that the behaviors are more proactive and analytical. For example, customer feedback is used to inform decisions about both current and future products and services.

Example behaviors for a particular competency

Behaviors of Management Roles

1. Is proactive in seeking feedback from customers, which is then actively used in decisions in all aspects of customer service.
2. Strives to gain an in-depth understanding of customer needs so that future recommendations can be made.
3. Where customers have concerns or specific needs agrees a timescale in which they will be dealt with effectively.
4. Has a clear understanding of customer expectations and aims to add value without causing cost implications to the organization.
5. Deals with customer complaints effectively, understands why they happened and develops procedures to prevent it happening again.
6. Seeks to develop knowledge of marketplace so services can be improved.

As you progress to the strategic roles you see further changes in the required behaviors that reflect the strategic responsibilities at this level.

Example behaviors for a particular competency

Behaviors of Strategic Roles

1. Owns the identification and development of strategies, so that the organization meets customer needs.
2. Bases decisions on a long-term view of customer satisfaction rather than 'quick fixes'.
3. Creates an in-depth understanding of customer needs, so that the customer receives what they 'need' rather than what 'best suits' the organization.
4. Educates others to think and feel as if they were the customer.
5. Searches for opportunities, within operational constraints, to add value for the customer.

Examples of such behaviors include understanding the evolving customer needs, developing strategies to satisfy them, and looking for opportunities to add value to the customer experience.

It is competency tables like these that can help you to develop your own team members. For example, if you are planning to promote someone on your team to a supervisory role, then you could use the 'Supervisory Level' competency tables to guide you with their professional development.

There is a simple and practical method you can incorporate into the appraisal cycle that actively involves both you and the individual in their career development. This tool is known as the 'competency development cycle' and is described in the eBook 'Developing Competencies'.

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Key Points

  • An organization's competency framework is made up of both functional and behavioral components.
  • Each competency provides a detailed description of the behaviors needed to successfully perform a role at a certain level.
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