Work Breakdown Structure Dictionary Template

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WBS Dictionary Template  

This WBS Dictionary template enables you to identify the complete project requirements and their details for each work package. It is an important document because it enables those who are responsible for producing a work package to understand the exact scope of this work.

During the stage when you produce your project scope as part of the project plan you need to ensure that anyone involved with the project, whether for a specific phase, or its whole duration, has the same level of comprehension.

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The definitions included in your dictionary enable each group of people within the project team, or the contracted organization, to have a complete picture and a common understanding of what a specific work package entails. The WBS dictionary will describe in detail what the exact scope of each work package is. It will contain definitions of any specialist term, industry jargon or acronyms that are used as part of this description so that every bodies understanding is the same and no misconceptions arise due to a lack of comprehension.

Work Breakdown Structure Dictionary Template

This WBS Dictionary template allows you to identify and define the complete requirements of your project, even down to the detail of each work package including its unique id, description, its level within the project and who 'owns' this package. The owner of a work package can be an individual or an organization.

This document plays a vital role in the success of your project because it classifies to all individuals involved in your project the planned milestones', required resources and estimated cost for each package. It also provides a detailed description of each work packages acceptance and quality criteria so that all involved known how to define when an item of project work is complete.

It also plays a key role in the success of communications throughout the project team, stakeholders and third parties, as it is the definitions it contains that will be used in the WBS report. This report communicates the progress of the project at the work package level stating whether it is on schedule, ahead or delayed.

The WBS report offers the project manager a controlled mechanism to inform recipients of any project issues with explanations of why they have occurred and what is being done to minimize their impact on the project plan. It is a significant tool project managers have at their disposal to retain sponsor, stakeholder and project team support throughout the project duration. By being able to manage expectations of the various parties involved in a project you will be able to develop and nurture their continual support and backing till the project is formally closed and handed over to the end user.

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