Appraisal Meeting Checklist

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Preparing for an Appraisal Meeting  

This Appraisal Meeting checklist outlines the steps you need to take to conduct a successful appraisal meeting with a team member.

This interaction between the manager and the team member is essential for maintaining a positive working relationship and encouraging career development. The team member should feel as though their own opinions have been considered and that the meeting represents a fair, agreed, and unbiased forum for a discussion of their performance during the period.

Reviewing a team member's performance should be the main topic of the meeting and it's success will depend on how well you have prepared, the quality of the data you have collected, and the quality of the review sessions you had throughout the appraisal period. Ensure that you have copies of all supporting evidence, data, information and third-party feedback required to justify and explain your view of the team member's performance.

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Use the evidence from your observations, significant incidents and third-party feedback to gain their agreement on the level of competency at which they are operating and from the agreed performance ratings and level of competency discuss and agree an overall performance rating.

The second part of the meeting involves agreeing the goals you wish to set for the individual for the coming year and how this contributes to your organization's mission and strategy. Enter this onto the form and get their signed agreement to these new goals. You should also outline how you would like the individual to develop their competencies according to the role description for the coming year.

Finally, identify and set a development and training plan to address any skill gaps that would hinder the individual achieving these goals or required competencies. Ensure that these match any career aspirations the individual may have. Enter these onto the form in the appropriate section or attach a separate sheet detailing this information to it.

The appraisal meeting has a dual purpose: firstly, it provides a forum where you and your team member can discuss their performance over the most recent appraisal period; and secondly, it gives you an opportunity to discuss and agree with them a new set of goals for the next appraisal period.

Reviewing an individual's past performance is the main thrust of the appraisal and your success in this meeting will depend on how well you have prepared. Without detailed notes and data you will undermine the legitimacy of the whole appraisal process.

You should agree new goals that reflect the job description and develop the required competencies. You should also ensure that the team member understands how these contribute to the organizational goals. The importance of this part of the appraisal means that it should take up about a third of the overall appraisal meeting.


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