Finance Skills eBooks, Templates and Checklists

Finance Skills eBooks

The ability to understand finance is crucial to any manger who wants to advance their career. Our finance skills eBooks will help you to understand financial reports so that you can make informed, intelligent decisions.

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Accounting Principles

Accounting Principles eBook

This eBook explains all of the basic accounting concepts and terminology you will need to understand financial statements.
ISBN 978-1-62620-953-4 (32 Pages) PDF

Free Financial Accounting Resources

Financial Accounting Resources

Browse through our extensive list of free financial accounting resources.
eBooks, Magazines, White Papers & Podcasts

Free Managerial Accounting Resources

Managerial Accounting Resources

Choose from our comprehensive selection of free resources on the subject of managerial accounting.
eBooks, Magazines, White Papers & Podcasts

Free Operational Accounting Resources

Operational Accounting Resources

Select from our wide range of free operational accounting resources.
eBooks, Magazines, White Papers & Podcasts

Reading a Balance Sheet

Reading a Balance Sheet eBook

This eBook explains how to read a balance sheet and the role it plays in providing a picture of the financial status of a company.
ISBN 978-1-62620-954-1 (35 Pages) PDF

Income Statements

Income Statements eBook

This eBook you will give you a thorough understanding of the income statement, a powerful decision-making tool.
ISBN 978-1-62620-955-8 (38 Pages) PDF

Cash Flow Analysis

Cash Flow Analysis eBook

This eBook will help you to understand how cash flows are generated and how this can help you to make sound financial decisions.
ISBN 978-1-62620-956-5 (38 Pages) PDF

Financial Performance

Financial Performance eBook

This eBook explains how to use Key financial ratios to help you to make informed management decisions about the financial status of other organizations.
ISBN 978-1-62620-957-2 (40 Pages) PDF

Financial Statements eBook

Budgeting, Forecasting and Reporting

Achieve more accurate budgets, timely re-forecasts and improved decision-making with this outline of best practices and related technologies used by leading companies.
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Key Financial Ratios

Key Financial Ratios Checklist

This checklist details the key financial ratios you can use to help you interpret financial information.
PDF & Doc

Financial Ratio Formulas

Financial Ratio Formulas Checklist

This checklist provides you with a list of the most popular financial ratios used to assess an organization's performance, solvency, profitability and investment potential.
PDF & Doc

Accounting Terminology

Accounting Terminology Checklist

This checklist outlines the terminology, concepts and conventions that are accepted within the accounting profession.
PDF & Doc

Financial Liabilities

Financial Liabilities Checklist

This Financial Liabilities checklist enables you to quickly identify whether you are dealing with a liability or not when handling management finances.
PDF & Doc

Creating a Budget Checklist

Creating a Budget Checklist

This checklist is designed to help you prepare a budget quickly and efficiently.
PDF & Doc

Taking Over a Budget Checklist

Taking Over a Budget Checklist

Knowing the state of the budget you have inherited has to be one of the highest priorities you set yourself when you accept a new role.
PDF & Doc

Profitability Comparison

Profitability Comparison Template

This template enables you to take a high-level view of the profitability of a range of your products or services over a specified period.
PDF & Doc

Cash Flow Forecast

Cash Flow Forecast Template

This template provides a quick and easy way to compare your six-monthly forecast against actual sales revenue for your products or services.
PDF & Doc

Creditor Assessment

Creditor Assessment Template

This template will help you to assess your creditors and to see which ones offer you the best terms and who is the most beneficial for you to develop your relationship with.
PDF & Doc

Debtor Assessment

Debtor Assessment Template

This template will help you to assess your debtors and to see which ones pose the biggest financial risk.
PDF & Doc

Debtor Assessment

Creating a Budget Template

This spreadsheet template will enable you to quickly create a desired budget allocating the planned expenditure between your different cost centers.

Debtor Assessment

Monitoring a Budget Template

The monitoring a budget spreadsheet template allows you to keep a detailed track of how expenditure is going compared against the forecasted or expected spend.

Debtor Assessment

Forecasting a Budget Template

Using the forecasting a budget template provides you with a foolproof method of recording and monitoring your budget and revenue forecasts.

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