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The EPG Model
It can be difficult for any organization to maintain its focus and direction, but that is especially true of firms[...]
Keller’s Brand Equity Model
In business, there is nothing quite like the power of a strong brand. If you can build up the reputation[...]
The 4 Cs Marketing Model
As the owner or manager of a business, it is easy to think of things only from your perspective. However,[...]
Group Brainstorming
Alex Osborn developed the original approach to brainstorming for his 1953 book, "Applied Imagination." Since then, the brainstorming technique has[...]
Pareto Analysis
There are plenty of skills that you need to possess as a business professional, but perhaps none are quite as[...]
The Kepner-Tregoe Matrix
How many decisions do you make in a day? That probably isn’t a question that you think about very often,[...]
Top 5 Decision Making Models
Business models can be useful for a variety of reasons. Whenever you come upon a problem on the job that[...]
Round-Robin Brainstorming
When you think about using brainstorming in your organization, you probably have mixed-feelings about what it offers. On the one[...]
The Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix
Strategic planning is something that takes place in all organizations. In fact, it could be said that strategic planning and[...]
Porter’s Value Chain Analysis
Offering customers value is at the heart of doing business successfully. Think of yourself as a consumer rather than a[...]
The ORAPAPA Method
The importance of good decision making in business really can’t be overstated. The unfortunate fact of life in business is[...]
Seven Methods for Effective Group Decision-Making
Running a business is nothing more than making a series of important decisions. For a business owner or manager, each[...]
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See the full list of Strategy Skills eBooks, templates and checklists available for free download right now.

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