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Strategy Skills

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The Three Levels of Strategy
Strategy is at the heart of business. All businesses have competition, and it is strategy that allows one business to[...]
Porter’s Value Chain Analysis
Offering customers value is at the heart of doing business successfully. Think of yourself as a consumer rather than a[...]
Have you recently held a brainstorming session within your organization that you felt was somewhat 'less than successful'? Brainstorming can[...]
Hurson’s Productive Thinking Model
The Productive Thinking Model was advanced by creativity theorist, Tim Hurson. It was published in his 2007 book, "Think Better."[...]
Teece’s Win-Lose Innovation Model
It is a tremendous challenge to successfully develop an innovative new product. Nearly every business in the world would love[...]
The Four Frame Model
The Four Frame Model is a concept that divides up any given organization into ‘four frames’ – with the goal[...]
The Hoy-Tarter Model of Decision Making
Originally created for use within a school system, the Hoy-Tarter Decision Making Model can actually be applied in a number[...]
Means-End Analysis
Means-end analysis, or MEA, is a method of thinking about organizational planning that can help you to reach your ultimate[...]
The OODA Loop in Business Strategy
The OODA Loop was developed by the military as a method to adjust strategies quickly. It was adopted by business[...]
The Six Step Problem Solving Model
Problem solving models are used to address the many challenges that arise in the workplace. While many people regularly solve[...]
Brainstorming is one of the fundamental building blocks of creativity. If you have ever been asked to come up with[...]
The Futures Wheel
No one can see the future – right? Well, no, nobody can actual predict the future with perfect accuracy, but[...]
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See the full list of Strategy Skills eBooks, templates and checklists available for free download right now.

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