Employee Motivation Techniques

One of the hardest parts in keeping your employees motivated is the amount of support that is needed. Does your team need a lot of constant support or do they work well with minimal support? You need to evaluate how much support you are contributing to your team and what type of support is needed.

Does motivation improve performance?

Motivation in the workplace can be a key contributor to performance. When employees lack the necessary motivation you could see a direct effect in performance. If there is not a reason to work hard employees may not feel the need to go the extra mile to perform. Many employees feel that if they are not getting praised or rewarded for their hard work then there is no reason to continue working hard. An employee that is motived may be hungrier to improve performance to meet their work place goals.

How are employees motivated?

When trying to motivate mangers and their team try to find what actually motivates them. Do benefits such as vacations or a bonus motivate them? Is a simple pat on the back the support they need to be more motivated? Find out what options you have that you can offer your employees that will be the extra support needed to motivate them. Giving rewards, even something simple, may be a great way to motivate your workers. Not every form of motivation has to cost money. Recognition is an effective way to motivate your employees. Awarding something simple like “Employee of the Month” is a cost effective way to add some healthy work place competition between employees.

How much motivation does your team need?

You will have to examine your team to see just how much support your team needs. Do you need to give your team a pep talk every day at the beginning of the shift? Does your team need motivation weekly or monthly? You may have to try different strategies to see what works best for you and your employees. You can start by giving them monthly support in the form of a monthly meeting to see if this impacts motivation, if this doesn’t try weekly and then daily. As a leader, you may even need to try different combinations of these too.

What form can you use to motivate your team?

Sometimes just sending out an email to your employees is the extra step needed to improve motivation for your team. Let them know they are doing a good job. In an email you can also highlight things to improve and how to improve them. Set goals for your team and a clear cut way to meet that goal. Does your team need to see you in person to feel supported? Sometimes seeing you in person can really be the ultimate form of support. By sharing your time with them can let them know that you truly to care about them and support them.

It is extremely important for your managers and their team to feel motivated. Giving them the support they need can make all of the difference in how motivated they are. A motivated employee can be a more effective employee. Discuss with your team what they need to help them and the way they like to be supported. Find out what type of motivation they need. Does your team need to be recognized to feel motived or do they need time off? How often does your team need to have your support? Is it daily or monthly? Once you have answered those questions implement a plan on how to effectively support your managers and help them build a team that performs well.

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Key Points

  • Motivation in the workplace can be a key contributor to performance.
  • Find out what options you have that you can offer your employees that will be the extra support needed to motivate them.

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