The 4S Web Marketing Mix

The world of marketing has changed dramatically as the internet has quickly taken over the world of commerce. Sure, some of the tried and true marketing methods still apply today, but the successful marketer also needs to adapt and grow with the web in order to keep up. If you are not currently using the web to perform some type of marketing for your products and/or services, you are almost certainly falling behind the competition. To make sure you are using the web in the right way, it may be helpful to take a close look at the 4S Web Marketing Mix. Source – Electronic Commerce Research and Applications journal

The 4S Web Marketing Mix

As is the case with any other marketing model – such as 4P or 4C – this model is going to help you take a high-level view of your marketing efforts. You might find that there are some things about your current marketing plan that are well-positioned, and you might find that other parts of your plan need to be adjusted slightly. If you are willing to go into this model with an open mind, you just might come out on the other side with an improved approach to your marketing process.

You can probably guess from the title of this model that there are four key points included in the mix, each starting with the letter ‘s’. Those are as follows –

  • Scope
  • Site
  • Synergy
  • System

On their own, those words aren’t going to tell you much about what you need to change in order to be successful with your web marketing efforts. Therefore, we have gone into detail on each of these points below, so you can have a better understanding of how they work together to form a cohesive web marketing plan.


The ‘scope’ of your web marketing mix is just as it sounds – it is the overall strategy that you have for this part of your operation. What kinds of internet marketing activities are you going to pursue? How do those activities work together in order to form a plan that is likely to be successful? You are looking at the topic from the highest possible level at this point in order to gain a clear picture of the issue as a whole.

The Scope of the Web Marketing Mix

Once you have a clear understanding of the scope of your web marketing, you can then dial in on specific elements that need to be added, changed, or eliminated.

Of course, you are likely continuing to pursue non-web based marketing efforts at the same time, so you want to make sure those are considered here. What are you doing off of the web to promote your products or services, and how to those actions work together with your web marketing? It is important for all of your marketing efforts to be strategically linked if they are going to have the greatest possible effect.


It should go without saying that your website is going to have a great deal to do with the success of your web marketing operation. If you are able to successfully attract visitors to your site through online marketing ventures, you then need those visitors to be impressed once they land on your pages.

Attributes of the Website

What are they going to find on your site? Is what they find going to match up with what they were looking for when they clicked on your ad or link? Are they going to come back time after time to make additional purchases or take other actions? Without a strong website at the heart of your web marketing efforts, the rest of what you do could be for naught.


Some of the important points within the topic of synergy are going to have been covered when thinking about the scope and strategy of your marketing. For instance, you need to make sure there is great synergy between your online and off-line marketing efforts. Do your graphics and logos look the same from platform to platform? If not, potential customers could be confused as to the identity of your brand. Also, you need to be nicely integrated with any external partners that you may have in place.

The Effects of Synergy

One of the worst things you can do is to have a disconnect between what is being marketed online and what is being offered in the ‘real world’. For instance, if you have a physical storefront that you promote on the web, you need to make sure that your employees in the store are aware of promotions being run online. If they are not, you may find that new customers come in to ask about specials that the staff doesn’t even know about. Obviously, that would be a bad look for your business. Synergy throughout the company when it comes to online marketing is essential.


Web marketing does not have to be particularly complicated or complex, but there is a certain level of hardware and software you will need to have in place in order to run a smooth campaign. Without giving your people the right tools to do the job, you can’t possibly expect your web marketing to stay on track. Make sure that your IT system as a whole is up-to-date and up to the demands that are going to be placed on it by your marketing operation.

Your Web Marketing System

Without a doubt, web marketing is something that deserves the close attention of every business owner and manager. One of the basic rules of marketing is to go where the people are – and these days, the people are online. It doesn’t really matter what market you happen to be in, as all markets and niches are represented on the web in this day and age. Although web marketing can be a bit intimidating at first, it is also exciting to see just how many ways you can promote your business through the simple click of a mouse. Using the information provided within the 4S Web Marketing Mix, you should be able to craft an online marketing plan that will drive sales for years to come.

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Key Points

  • The 4s web marketing mix provides a high level model to help you with your online marketing plans.
  • The 4S stand for: Scope, Site, Synergy and System.
  • The Scope of your web marketing mix is the overall strategy that you have for this part of your operation.
  • You will need a strong website at the heart of your web marketing efforts, although it could be a third party platform like Amazon or eBay.
  • There needs to be synergy between your offline and online marketing efforts.
  • Make sure that your IT system as a whole is up-to-date and up to the demands that are going to be placed on it by your marketing operation.

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