Using a Recruitment Agency

In some industries, almost all recruitment is done through preferred agencies and having an agent that you have a good professional relationship with is essential. Not only does it mean that you are notified of job opportunities as soon as they become available but the agent can often recommend you for the shortlist without having to go through a preliminary interview.

A good rapport with an agency is essential if you are taking short, fixed-term jobs, something that is becoming more and more common. Agencies incur most of their costs in the initial screening process and they risk their reputation every time they put forward a candidate they don't know very well. As a result, they tend to value candidates they already know and who have a proven record of dependability and professionalism.

Using a Recruitment Agency

Consequently, you need to take your preparation for agency interviews as seriously as you would for one with an employer. This is true even if there is no specific job offer on the table because it could be the beginning of a long-term relationship. An agent who is impressed by your professionalism can be a powerful ally in securing a future interview, and an enthusiastic endorsement from an agent can open doors that would otherwise remain closed.

A good relationship with an agency also allows you to ask questions about both the role and the employer that can help you decide whether a particular opportunity is right for you. Even though agencies are only paid when a candidate is successful, it is not in their interests to place someone who turns out to be unsuitable.

Having a respected agency on your side can really improve your career prospects and it is not difficult to have a long-term relationship provided that you give a good account of yourself in any interviews they arrange for you, and that you stay with an employer for a reasonable length of time if you are successful.

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Key Points

  • An ongoing relationship with a respected recruitment agency can be a great help in getting onto the interview shortlist.
  • This is important because there can be so many applicants for a job that the initial screening process can be something of a lottery.
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