SMART Goals Template

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This template will enable you to test the goals you have been set or have given yourself against the five criteria of the SMART method. Setting goals that are motivational for you personally and that offer sufficient challenge to your team to expand their potential is not easy and requires effort and good judgment.

This worksheet has been designed to assist you the process of setting yourself, and others, goals that adhere to the SMART criteria.

- Specific (can you provide a concise answer to the 5 ‘W’s’ – What, Why, Who, Where & Which)
- Measurable (is the end result quantifiable – How many? How much? Is the end clear?)
- Attainable (can I see - achieving it or is it completely overwhelming?)
- Relevant (can you answer 3 things – Does it fit in? Is the timing right? Are there enough resources/budget?)
- Time Bound (it has an end date – one can plan for, provides focus, sense of urgency vs importance?)

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Ensuring your goals meet each of the SMART criteria is only part of what you need to do to be a successful manager, they represent the ‘words’ of what is needed, but it is how you ‘action’ the attainment of each goal that will set you apart from others and enable you to realize your aspirations. This worksheet guides your actions for success with a simple method we refer to as ‘The 3P’s’:

- Plan (How to achieve goal by breaking it into manageable chunks.)
- Progress (Make regular checks of how well your progress matches your plan.)
- Priority (After ever progress check evaluate your priorities to ensure it is appropriate.)

The combination of the SMART method and the practical execution using the 3P’s will enable you to effectively achieve your goals. The worksheet can be used as part of your own personal development or in conjunction with an annual appraisal form to aid the creation of your next annual goals.


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