Assessing Emotional Intelligence Template

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Assumption Log Template  
Assessing Emotional Intelligence Template

This template enables you to record and define an action plan to develop your own emotional intelligence (EQ). To do this you use a reflective cycle to analyze and evaluate how your own feelings influenced and impacted the outcome of an event or incident.

This template relies on your own objective self-evaluation of a selected event and its outcome. You select an incident in which you want to understand how your own emotions may have impacted on the event itself. This may be pathway the event took or its eventual outcome.

Your assessment starts by describing the whole experience from an emotional perspective. You then look at what your own feeling where throughout the event. Then you consider how these feeling affected your communication, attitude and behavior.

Then use review this self-evaluation by considering what would have happened if you had behaved or communicated differently. If the result is a better or more preferred outcome than you look at what actions you need to take to alter your communications style, attitude or behaviors - both verbal and non-verbal signals. These alterations will give you a greater degree of control over your own emotions and how they affected the original outcome.

The best results in developing your EQ are achieved when you select between one and three required actions.