Project Testing Report Template

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Project Testing Report Template  

The testing report template is an essential document for any project manager and plays a key role in how stakeholder and user expectations are managed. Its creation is one of the key activities that monitors' the final stages of any project.

The regular 'testing report' that is produced throughout its life cycle shows how well the completed deliverables meet the specification and the user's needs. The composition, roles and responsibilities of a project team will be defined as part of the quality management function area.

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Each report will detail the results of what has been tested during that period and indicate if any testing activity is behind the approved testing schedule. The regularity and detail of this type of report will reflect the complexity of the project. As project manager you will need to carefully plan your testing schedule and ensure that sufficient resources are available at the required time.

Project Testing Report Template

The testing report will also outline what testing activities are planned for the following periods. It highlights any discrepancies, both for activities and testing resources, from the original testing schedule so that the impact of the overall project completion can be assessed and managed.

It is important that as project manager you define the purpose of your testing so that it fulfills the role your require in your project execution and monitoring. Its purpose is fourfold:

The very fact of having to write a test plan focuses our attention on to the key aspects of what the project aims to achieve. It enables us to make an informed judgment on which areas of the project require the most attention, which will be the most contentious and to ensure it's objective is met.

The testing report plays a key role in communication with the key project groups - stakeholders, project team, sponsor.
It acts as a repository for any testing discussions, responsibilities, agreements and sign-off data.

Aids in managing changes to the project scope. Plans will also need to be adapted to suite the modifications that occur in this dynamic environment.

Your testing plans will be updated as every major milestone is attained so that they work in tandem towards the project objective. There are several types of testing that a project can undergo and it is up to you to select and plan for the types best suited to your project aim. Common testing elements will be brought together in the master test plan with sub-plans for testing specific aspects of the project. Testing will form a key task throughout the life of any project.

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