Post Implementation Review Template

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Project Review Report Template  

This post implementation review report template provides you with a guided structure for reviewing and capturing the resulting recommendations so that you can update the necessary processes for future use.

An important aspect of any project and its associated management is the way in which it is monitored and managed. There is a fundamental need for detailed and accurate reporting throughout the whole project life-span. These project post implementation review reports play a fundamental and vital role in the management of project communications.

Through well structured and planned PIR reports a project manger can ensure that the right people are kept appropriately informed and their expectations managed. Your reports need to record and communicate information suitable to the intended recipients. Informing everyone about every aspect and incident within a project would be unacceptable and is unnecessary.

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Good reporting communicates the 'right' information to individuals according to their role, level of responsibility and authority within the project. Therefore it is important that you define clearly who needs to receive which report as part of your planning and the circulation of each report is outlined in your project communication plan.

Post Implementation Review Template

One such significant report is the post implementation review report as the contents and recommendations of this plan can have wide ranging and significant implications for an organizations future project management and processes.
Our free project PIR report template provides you with a common format for this type of report and will ensure that you communicate all that was learnt from your project. It records the project title and date of the review along with the project sponsor and manager.

Some of the key highlights this report template records is how successful your project was in coming in at the planned end date and whether or not you kept to your agreed budget. The main body of the report reviews each of the following project management categories:

• Communications
• Financial
• Human Resources
• Contract and Purchasing
• Quality
• Risk
• Schedule
• Scope

You can use the space provided to details any issue or issues that arose in that category using the project assigned name and description. Then you describe what impact it had on the overall project or a specific work package as appropriate and list any recommendations the review team have for this issue to be avoided or planned for in future projects.

The final section of the PIR report is concerned with detailing any recommendations the review team have with regard to the procedures, policies and process management within the project or organization. This whole document is then signed off by the relevant sponsor and dated so that it becomes an official record of the project.

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