Change Request Register Template

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Change Request Register Template  

This change request register template keeps a record of all changes requested during the lifecycle of a project and the acceptance (or not) into the project with comments as appropriate.

An important area of any project is that of change management and the associated procedures and policies that are required to ensure the project is efficiently run from inception to closure. Without good documentation in this area of your project you will be unable in your project review to fully assess how well prepared and researched your plan was.

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An essential document for any project is the change request register. This keeps a logical record of all changes requested during the lifecycle of your project. It will also help you to assess how many of the proposed changes where actually implemented into your project plan and whether or not they delivered what they promised to in terms of the benefits to the project as a whole or specific aspect or work package.

Change Request Register Template

In addition to keeping a list of uniquely identified change requests its is important that the register also lists or describes the reasoning behind the decision for each change request. Our free template enables you to record and manage the change requests your project will receive during is life-cycle.

The first section of the template requires the project title and the date it gain approval to commence along with the ability to record the number of pages your register accumulates over the projects duration.

The main body of the change request register will be dedicated to storing the relevant information pertaining to each change. It will record the unique identification number for each change request along with the type of change it is e.g. technical, functional, financial, quality etc. and the name and job title of the person formally making the request. This template is of a general nature and you may need to modify or rename its headings so that they are more suited to your own project.

Each change request will then record the date of its submission to your project team or Change Control Board (CCB), the date a decision was made and the status it was assigned as a result. Then the final field records any comments that will aid the understanding of anyone reading or reviewing the register on how and why the decision was reached.

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