Assumption Log Template

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Assumption Log Template  

This assumption log template enables you to identify and document the assumptions that have been made as part of your project plan and which phase it affects. Each assumption must have an owner who is responsible for validating it by a specified date. The log is continually updated as the status of each assumption is altered and any associated actions completed.

When planning your project a vital part of your planning is to record all the assumptions that have been made as part of this process. By creating an assumption log as part of your projects documentation your stakeholders, sponsors, third parties and other project team members are aware of exactly what assumptions and statements have been made as part of the decision making process during the project planning phase.

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This log is an evolving project document, which means that it is continually being amended and added to as each unique assumption alters as the project progresses and its associated actions are finalized. Our free assumption log template provides you with a pre-determined format to enable you to manage and record this aspect of the planning process. It is laid out in a way that allows you to alter any aspect of it so that it matches your exact project needs.

As with all project documents the project name and manager along with a date the log was created are essential items on the template. Then an individual identification number is allocated to each assumption and the phase or work package it applies to. There is also a detailed description of what has been assumed and why.

Assumption Log Template

A vital part of your assumption log is to assign an actual owner to each of your project assumption ids. That person is responsible for proving, along with any necessary assistance, that it is a valid assumption and that individual has to accomplish this by a specified date. Depending on the nature of your project the owner may also be responsible for monitoring and reporting on this assumption and its evolution throughout the project or work level. This will be defined as part of your project reporting processes and procedures.

The final section of this template records the status allocated to each assumption, this often described as high, medium or low. As part of this status any required action resulting from the specific assumption is noted on this log and monitored as part of the project management reports.

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