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Book Description - ISBN 978-1-62620-780-2 (38 Pages)
This eBook describes various interview exercises including: in-tray, presentations, group discussion, role play, and media interviews. These exercises form part of the job selection process and are designed to assess factors such as your interpersonal skills, attitudes, and compatibility with the organization's culture.

Chapter 1 - Management Interview Exercises
Interview exercises allow potential employers to see how you behave when performing some of the tasks required by the role. Your success will depend on your ability to display behaviors that reflect the competencies required by the organization. If the job represents a promotion then you may need to show competencies at the 'next level up' from your current level.

Chapter 2 - In-Tray or In-Basket Exercise
In this exercise you will be asked to assume a particular role as an employee of a fictitious organization and to work through a pile of correspondence in your in-tray. The in-tray exercise items will be specifically designed to measure job skills such as: ability to organize and prioritize work; analytical skills; communication with team members and customers; written communication skills; and delegation.

Chapter 3 - Role Play Exercise
This exercise is popular because it gives a real insight into how an individual will interact with others in situations they have little direct control over. It is an excellent way for a potential employer to see if you possess the attitudes and behaviors they want in their organization.

Chapter 4 - Group Exercise
This exercise is most popular when the interview process involves several candidates being present for a whole day, as this offers sufficient time and numbers to make this type of exercise possible. Group exercises provide the perfect opportunity to assess how you interact with others, your natural role in a group, and your flexibility when working in a team.

Chapter 5 - Presentation Exercise
Whatever type of presentation you are faced with you need to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the role. You can achieve this by being enthusiastic in your delivery and showing that that you really want to be there and that you believe what you have to say is important.

Chapter 6 - Media Interview Exercise
This exercise is really a specialized role play that assesses how well you deal with and react to being interviewed by a journalist. By reading annual reports and copies of press releases you can gain an appreciation of an organization's stance when communicating with the press. Part of your preparation needs to take into account how someone in your role would be called upon to express the 'corporate' opinion.

You will learn:
  • How and why organizations incorporate practical exercises into their management selection processes.
  • How to approach an in-tray exercise and what the assessors are looking for.
  • Why you need to fully 'buy in' to the role play exercise even if it does not seem very realistic.
  • What the assessors are really looking for in the group exercise.
  • Why you need an efficient method for preparing presentations that leaves you with enough time to demonstrate that you can add value beyond the employer's expectations.


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