Team Leadership Checklist

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Team Leadership Checklist  

This Team Leadership checklist reminds you of the behaviors and attitudes that you need to display in order to be a successful leader.

Leadership can be described as 'a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task'. There are many different theories about leadership styles, which have in turn produced different leadership models. You can learn about these in our 'Team Leadership' eBook which you can download free from this website.

No matter which leadership style you prefer or the type of team you are leading there are four key behaviors that you must demonstrate in order to be seen as a credible leader - someone that people choose to follow.

This checklist is something that you can use to help you analyze your own behavior in these four key areas. To do this, download the checklist and print it out. You will see that each area has two or three key behaviors associated with it. Spend a few minutes considering each area in turn and noting instances where you have (or maybe haven't) displayed the appropriate behaviors.

This exercise is designed to be confidential and you should be completely honest with yourself when considering each behavior. It is very easy to neglect to do some of the simple things that can make a big difference to how your leadership is perceived by your team.


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